These little garlic capers are the buds of unopened garlic flowers. They can be eaten raw for a fiery garlicky kick but make an amazing pickle,l which is fab with melted cheese on toast. Yummm.


Wild garlic ‘capers’ (enough to fill a jar)
Vinegar (apple cider, white wine or rice all work)
Flavours and spicing – fennel, mustard seeds and lemon zest are good – but anything works)
Sugar (1/3 to the amount vinegar you have)
Salt to taste.


Wash garlic pods and put into a jar.
Gently heat vinegar with sugar until sugar is dissolved.
Add spices to infuse flavours.
Leave to cool before pouring into jars
You may want to place a layer of baking paper between the jar and the lid as vinegar can be corrosive.
Put in the fridge for a least a week (but ideally about 1 month to maximise pickling effect!)