Nettles are absolutely packed with essential vitamins and minerals (have I mentioned that they are my absolute favourite wild (abundant) green!)
Full of protein, iron, potassium, and all vitamins needed for survival (except vitamin D) – These are perfect apocalyptic food if you can forage in the sunshine!



1 bag of nettle tops (top 4-6 leaves before plant starts flowering) Use rubber gloves to snip off tips.
Wild garlic leaves are also good to throw in.
Root veg (I tend to use celery, carrots and leek but whatever veg you have in your fridge will work).
Bouillon vegtable stock – approx. 1 tbsp. or homemade chicken stock.
Spices – I like cumin and coriander powder and fresh grated nutmeg in mine.
Salt and pepper to taste.



Wash nettle tops and leave to dry.
Gently sweat the onion in the butter/oil and add spices.
Add rest of the chopped vegetables and potatoes and top up with the stock and boiling water.
Cook on medium heat for at least an hour to infuse flavours and soften veg.
Add nettle tops (and wild garlic if using) and once they have wilted grate in the nutmeg (if using).
Wait until its cooled before using a food blender to blend.
Pour into bowls and serve with grated cheese and crusty bread 😉