Ever wondered what to do with your left over sloes after decanting a batch of sloe gin? Well this is the answer and (as well as tasting pretty good) ensures you lose nothing of the original food product – multiple uses for the sloes!!!


  • White and dark chocolate – roughly 200g of each
  • Sloes taken from your sloe gin (should have soaked for at least 3 months but ideally a year for a intense ‘ginny’ flavor infusion)
  • Left over sloe gin
  • Toasted almonds (or nuts of your choice)


  1. Carefully cut the flesh off your sloes and discard the hard stone (this is a time consuming laborious job but worth the effort and everything is super easy after this).
  2. Melt the white and dark chocolate separately (in a metal dish above a pan of hot water). Stir both continually to ensure they do not burn.
  3. Once everything is ready (make sure you have some baking paper in a tray ready to pour the hot chocolate into), add some chopped sloes to your melted dark chocolate and a splash (or as much as you fancy sloey gin). As soon as you do this the alcohol will try and solidify your chocolate so then pour rapidly into the cooling dish. You may need a spoon to help spread the mixture out.
  4. Pour/shake onto the hot melted white chocolate (do not add gin to this so that it is easier to pour).
  5. Sprinkle on sloes and nuts to taste.
  6. Leave to cool before breaking up.