flower biscuits


These biscuits work with all edible flowers. My advice is to start with what you know (daisy and dandelion petals are great starters!) There are lots of lists online for edible flowers but the easiest ones to start with are: primrose, roses, magnolia, violets, violas, forsythia, gorse, nasturtiums and rosemary

*As always only pick a few flowers from each plant to pick flowers sustainably and only pick if flowers are prolific.



A few carefully picked edible flowers; remove greenery and stems
100g sugar
100g butter
225g plain flour
1 egg



-Pre-heat oven to 180degrees.

-Make biscuits by mixing together flour, butter and sugar. Use your hands to press into a biscuit dough and then roll out onto clean work surface. Use extra flour to prevent it sticking.

-Press a round cutter into the dough to get biscuit shapes and remove excess dough. Re-roll until you have made biscuits with all the dough.

-Carefully press flower petals into the biscuit by gently rubbing them in using a small square of baking paper.

-Put in oven for about 12 minutes (you might want to watch them to check they don’t burn!).